ROSE Volunteers!

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perfectROSE VolCoverROSE Volunteers! cartoons are free to add to your newsletter or blog – simply contact us at   to receive a high-resolution version for your use


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Rose volunteers cover a

perfectROSE VolCover

An ideal way to show appreciation to your valuable volunteers…..  Ask us about a customized cover for your organization at no extra cost to you, on quantity orders.

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Volunteer Cartoons for your communications!



Circulation Price per cartoon
Under 5000 $10.00
5,000–25,000 $25.00
25,000–100,000 $50.00
Over 100,000 $75.00


Also available for merchandise by arrangement with the artist.         To see more selection, please visit:

NEW! for Seniors and Volunteers

LTAR photo

Especially for Senior Volunteers!  What better way to survive too-much-together-time than to donate your skills to a worthy cause!

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Available through Amazon: 

Things We Love About Volunteers by Graham Harrop – 25 fun and true things that every volunteer need to hear!  Order directly at $5 plus shipping &  or find the e-book  at energize inc.   https://www.energizeinc./store/things_we_love_about_volunteers